About Shake the Field

Shake the Field is a digital space curated to educate and inspire everyday Alabamians to embrace civic engagement and become active in Alabama's artistic and cultural communities. No matter where you are or who you're with, we all have the ability to Shake the Field.

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There's more than one way to "shake the field".

Click on the map regions to learn more about connecting with various organizations and movements that are part of a growing movement to "Shake the Field" in Alabama.

"To be afraid
is to behave
as if the
truth were
not true..."
Bayard Rustin

Ready to Shake Sum'n?

Join a collective community of social change agents addressing issues in Alabama. Connect with organizations on the ground shaking and uprooted strutures that threaten the progress of our state.

Trying to plug into your region?

Visit our Engage Alabama page to access a growing directory of grassroots organizations from across the state.


Looking for more ways to shake sum'n?

There are ways to impact the world around you no matter where you are. Find out how you can impact your community and Shake the Field today!