Why "Shake the Field"?

Change is disruptive. And to be disruptive, you have to shake things up.
Shake the Field is the plug to the tools, resources, and the people needed to make disruptive change in Alabama. We promote the intersection of civic engagement and culture. We believe in equipping the creative, athlete, artist, community organizer, and neighbors with tools to Shake the Field.

Our Mission

To create an encouraging and fun space for Alabamians aged 18-45 to cultivate pro-democracy civic identities and relationships, while also embracing a commitment to long-term investment in Alabama's civic engagement, artistic, and cultural communities.

Our Message

Your actions today will determine Alabama's tomorrow.

You have the power to interrupt the negative cycles framing the perceptions of Alabama. Invest your energy in actions that shape a home state representing you! Choose to Shake the Field.

No matter where you are, choose actions that build.

There are opportunities all around you to Shake the Field. Choose to invest in, promote, and celebrate the people working to move Alabama forward.

Be proud of who you are and your choices.

There is no set persona for a changemaker. Accept who you are and what you have to offer and get to shaking!

Make sure everyone has a choice, especially those often denied choices.

Let's work together to build a forward thinking, sustainable, equitable, and inclusive community where socioeconomic statuses of any kind do not determine your access to resources.